General Data Protection Regulation A-Z

10 October - London

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is the biggest change in data protection law for 20 years. This workshop will examine GDPR in detail. All of the main topics are covered – changes to consent and privacy notices, controls on profiling, mandatory breach reporting, penalties, and the right to be forgotten. This workshop is suitable for the public sector and private sector as well as schools.

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GDPR Workshop – So you’re in charge of Data Protection?

16 October - Southend, Essex

It’s likely that you looked the other way and suddenly you’ve been given responsibility for Data Protection matters in your business. You are the Data Protection Officer for your organisation or just the person responsible for it. Either way, this course can assist you in practical skills and knowledge for managing Data Protection compliance. You’ll come away with tips on what areas to focus on, what areas may cause you issues and hurdles and how to scale your compliance so that it doesn’t turn into an unmanageable beast!

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GDPR Workshop – Handling Personal Data breaches – Keep calm and carry on

21 November - Essex

Did you know you are under a legal obligation to report to the regulator any serious breaches of your customers or your staff’s personal data? The Data Protection Act 2018 and GDPR requires all organisations that use personal data to report serious breaches of that data. But what is a serious breach? How do you know you’ve had one? How do you know if your suppliers have had one? In this practical session, we will take you through what the requirements are, how to investigate a breach and how to minimise their impact and prevent them from occurring. With some war stories handling breaches in both the public and private sector you’ll come away with practical tips and hopefully a sense of reassurance that even if something goes wrong, you can handle it!