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Through the power of Data Protection, Data and Information Management we can help you grow your organisation and manage your regulatory requirements


Helping you grow and improve how you take care of data


Working with you to find the right way for you and your data


Helping you take care of what data is important to you and safeguard your priorities


Data Protection & GDPR

GDPR and European privacy & Data Protection rules through to UK, Isle of Man & Ireland Data Protection laws.

Cyber Security

Information & Cyber Security management from ISO27001 through to IT Governance & risk processes.

Information & Records Management

Standards and frameworks on managing information and records, including digital preservation, legal admissabilty and document management in environments like Microsoft 365.

Open Government

Freedom of Information and Environmental Information legislation from across the UK.

Marketing & Consent

Digital marketing practices and legal frameworks for managing and collection of consent.

Data Quality & Analysis

Frameworks and best practice for managing and relying on datasets for analytics and reportng purporses.

What we do

Support as a Service

We can provide you with an ongoing support on any of the areas above to suit your needs and ways of working.


We can provide you with knowledge and training ranging from Data Protection to Data Analytics either online or face to face.


We can train your staff on a range of data related topics via proven training approaches or tailored to your needs.

Speaker at events

Drawing on experience and skills we can provide a speaker on a range of data topics for your event.


From compliance with GDPR through to just improving how you work with data, we can review your processes and ways of working to highlight areas of potential improvement and any key risks.

'Basics' kits

We can provide you with standard templates on a range of matters from Data Protection through to Data Quality and reportng.


We can facilitate workshops with key stakeholders witin your organisation to help reach agreement on a particular matter, agree a strategy or build awareness and understanding.


We can perform a more in depth audit to requirements like GDPR, FOI, Consent Management, Records Management etc.

Some of our insights

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Slack: Where Data Protection issues happen

I was asked recently about the use of Slack, given the Schrems 2 case and the fact that use of ‘messaging tools’ and Personal Data always rears some ‘interesting’ sticking points. So, let’s have a look at it and see what issues Slack throws up (if any).

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