Helping shine a light on the power of data!

Through the power of Data and Information Management we can help you grow your organisation and manage your regulatory requirements!


We can help you shine a light on areas to grow and evolve your data and staff skills


We can guide you on complex data issues to help you make the right decision for your organisation


We can help you protect your important assets and avoid any regulatory entanglements

Areas we cover:

Data Protection & Privacy

From the UK GDPR & Privacy rules through to the wider EU GDPR and Privacy requirements across Ireland, Isle of Man, wider EU countries and the globe!

Information & Cyber Security

Information & Cyber Security management from ISO27001 through to IT Governance & risk processes.

Information, Data & Records Management

Standards and frameworks on managing information and records, including digital preservation, legal admissibility and document management in environments like Microsoft 365.

Open Government & Licencing

Freedom of Information, Environmental Information and Public Sector Data Use legislation from across the UK.

Direct Marketing, Cookies & Consent

Digital marketing practices and legal frameworks for managing and collection of consent for marketing and cookies.

Data Quality & Strategy

Do you know what your organisation wants to do with its data? Have you ever considered a Data Strategy and how it can help your organisation?

How we can help you:


From audits and assurance checks through to advice on compliance with information related legislation we can add value to your compliance programme.


We can support you either as a one off or as part of a going 'remote support' service as your DPO or Data Protection/Information Governance support.


From public courses to in-house tailored sessions we can up-skill staff on a range of data, records and information topics all tailored to your needs.


Drawing on experience and skills we can provide a speaker on a range of data topics for your event.


From basics kits through to data themed merchandise to use in the office, check out some of our products to help you build a data aware culture!

Some of our insights

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Dashing about? Data Protection & the ‘domestic’ dash cam

The world of Dash Cameras and Data Protection is split into 2 worlds. The world where you want to have them in a company vehicle where you are an ‘organisation’, and the world of the private citizen where they are there for insurance and hilarious YouTube compilation purposes. Dashboard Cameras as they are known (Dash…

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