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Areas I can help you with:

Data Protection & Privacy

From the UK GDPR, Marketing & Privacy rules through to the wider EU GDPR and Privacy requirements across Ireland, Isle of Man, wider EU countries and the globe!

Information & Records Management

From basic RM controls to a full IRM programme and programme for managing and preserving records and information assets.

Data Quality & Governance

From setting data strategies to implementing controls on how manage data and ensure data quality. This includes work supporting AI & Machine Learning projects.

Jurisdictions I can support:


United Kingdom

This includes the UK GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018, plus the Law Enforcement Directive (LED) in Part 3 of the DPA 2018. Also relevant legislation like the PECR, Protection of Freedoms Act and Human Rights Act.


Isle of Man

From the Isle of Man GDPR through to the local implementation of the LED and the Unsolicited Communications Regulations (UCRs)


European Union

The EU GDPR, Law Enforcement Directive, AI standards framework plus other related Data Protection and Data Governance standards and frameworks.

How I can help you:

Improve Skills:

From public courses to in-house tailored sessions I can up-skill staff on a range of data, records and information topics all tailored to your needs. ​

Support & Guidance:

I can support you either as a one-off for a project or audit or as part of a going 'remote support' service as your DPO or Data Protection/Information Governance support. ​

Share Insights:

As an experienced speaker and commentator, I can add value, insight and entertainment to your event, article or other. ​

Some of my recent insights:

Data Protection ‘officers’ Day

A DP/IG professional will be one of the most resilient, patient and valuable employees you’ll ever have. We clear up organisational messes, we counsel and support staff, we see all areas of the organisation, we ‘get’ data and the impact it can have (good or bad) and many of us do all this on a shoestring budget.

Reflecting on 2023

My word what a year 2022 has been. Ups, downs, lefts and rights I can safely say I know all the moves to the Time Warp (it’s just a step to the left…).

Some of the organisations I've worked with:

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What people say about me:

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