Welcome to the Lighthouse!

Welcome to Lighthouse Information Governance! Lighthouse, although new, has been setup with experience and trust from working in Information Governance for almost 10 years. Unfortunately there is a lot of 'rubbish' advice out there around various information governance issues, especially GDPR. I wanted to establish Lighthouse to help combat some of that and help demonstrate to various organisations the benefits good information governance can bring to an organisation. My name is Scott Sammons and I am the principle consultant at Lighthouse. I can support you from providing training and awareness to your staff through to advising you on Data Protection related matters. Take a look around the Lighthouse and feel free to get in touch with any queries.

Data Protection

If your organisation is using information about people (employees and/or customers) there are a range of Data Protection laws that place expectations on how that information should be used and managed. With our experience in the practical application of a range of Data Protection Laws, including the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and proposed Data Protection Act 2018 we can help you navigate these requirements.

Open Government

Public Sector organisations, and those that do work for them, have legal expectations that certain records will be released to the public either in response to a request or proactively. If you are caught by the requirements of either the Freedom of Information Act 2000 or the Environmental Information Regulations 2004 we can assist you in managing your transparency requirements.

Information & Records Management

Every organisation has a wide range of information, data and records. Some of which is valuable and obvious, and some of which is hidden and clogging up your network or systems. We can assist you in determining what records and information is valuable to your organisation and then putting things in place to get the most value from that information to help you grow and harness knowledge.

Privacy & Marketing

Almost every organisation will engage in direct marketing of some degree, and some of those may even engage in digital direct marketing via social media and other modern technologies. If you are doing any of these you need to be aware of the privacy and marketing regulations in order to avoid customer dissatisfaction and possible regulatory action. We can assist you in navigating these laws and ensuring your marketing campaigns are effective, transparent and fair.