Not quite privacy; but instead lets talk about Cyber Security.

hackSo it’s been a while since I’ve posted anything (again) as the day job (and indeed one of the ‘other’ job’s) has been taking up a large chunk of my time. As the DP regulation seems to be on a low heat with nothing really new coming out (other than what we are already aware of) I’ve decided to take a look at the wider world.

Come with me boys and girls as we explore the news stories this week of everything Information / Cyber Security that has occurred in the last week or so. (Privacy will come shortly as they are separate, but that’s a discussion for another day, ideally over a new cold beer).

Cyber Security Regulation:

In the world of Information Security, or what is more commonly referred to as Cyber Security these days the main area of focus (apart from the usual security mis-haps) concern the EU’s proposed Cyber Security Directive. What was tipped to be the easier piece of legislation between this and the Data Protection Regulation has quickly become just as fraught with political disagreement as the regulation.

EU_-_Commission_building_gallery_displayAfter a series of stalls and slow progress the Latvian presidency had committed to starting negotiations on the Directive by the 30th April 2015. But it hasn’t secured a mandate from the respective member states so the talks are currently stalled. The main sticking point (well the biggest at least) comes from Ireland, Sweden and the UK. All of whom just so happen to have large US firms residing in them. They are keen for such firms & internet providers to be scoped out or their requirements scaled back. However countries like France, Germany and Spain disagree (the usual suspects). Given the issues we are having with the DP regulation I strongly suspect that this will remain stalled until the other discussions have made progress. DP, Security & Privacy are big topics for the EU at the moment and as we all know, nothing is ever simple.

Hacks & General:

And now for the juicy stuff. We all have a morbid obsession with other people’s hacking stories partly in a vein hope that it will never happen to the organisations we work for. Below is a list of the most recent ones and some plans to test for hacking vulnerabilities.

Ryanair falls victim to 4.6m Euro hacking scam via Chinese Bank. (an important lesson in not responding to that spam email).

Train control centre passwords revealed on BBC TV (all publicity is good publicity right?)

Researchers plan to demonstrate a wireless car hack this Summer (I bet that Morris Minor is looking appealing now right?

Cyber Security is ever becoming an important area of focus. Not only for businesses / entities in general but also for those looking at Privacy and Information Security. Although Privacy is not just about its technical protection, Cyber is quickly becoming just an important (although personally, it’s always been just as important in my eyes). watch this space for more information in this area and lets see what issues we can explore together.

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