Is GDPR fatigue a thing?

If I may, I want to get a little personal with you all if that is OK? Although, this is written and published now so if it isn’t OK then your only recourse is to leave now at this point (is this a valid consent I wonder?).

If you are fine with it, and have read up to this point I thank you. You may have noticed that I haven’t written about anything for a while. I wouldn’t blame you if you hadn’t noticed; my imposter syndrome is currently telling me that silence is a good thing. Truth be told, I’ve been struggling to think about areas to write about. I start a piece on a particular matter or area and don’t seem to finish it.

When I tried to explore why I could only reach one conclusion, have I become GDPR ‘fatigued’?

Don’t get me wrong, my enthusiasm for all things information remains, but as I spend long hours during the day wrestling with the finer points of the GDPR when it then comes to writing about it the mind just seems to draw a blank. I’ve been looking at the GDPR since it was first published back in 2012 so that’s about 5 years now of GDPR in one form or another.

5 years isn’t that long, and we have a lot more to come with a lot more content and practical implementation, so can I really be that fatigued with it?

There are a lot of good resources out there and as we creep ever closer to the enforcement date more and more GDPR is on everyone’s lips. You’ve already seen articles from the likes of Tim, Rowenna, Jon and even the ICO on some of the more ‘inaccurate’ resources and myths that are out there. So good, bad or ugly, there is a lot out there.

In all my self-indulgent musings I think I’ve finally come to the conclusion that I’m not GDPR fatigued, but there is a real danger of that. Yes GDPR is important and yes it is a change, but the range of nonsense that is out there that constantly comes my (or indeed everyone’s) way means that eventually we will just get a little sick of it.

One thing I would recommend, at the risk of possibly self-promotion of events, is getting out there with other professionals. Yes it takes time and some degree of travel and will cost you a beer or 2 but I can safely say that ‘socials’ with other like-minded individuals are worth their weight in gold. Not least because you can sense check yourself, confirm that you are not an imposter, and remind yourself of the reasons why we do what we do, and we are all information governance geeks.

So that just leaves me to say watch this space. More stuff will be coming soon, hopefully useful stuff from someone trying to implement this with no budget and a list of complexities as long as your arm.

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  1. Ok, I’m game. Any updates since this post? Enquiring minds want to know. Please do tell.

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