Data Protection Training with the Essex Chambers of Commerce

Personal Data is everywhere and both the benefits and risks of using apply to small businesses just as much as they do large ones. However, it is often the smaller businesses that don't have the people or resources to invest in making the most of their data and ensuring it is protected appropriately. Therefore, during the build-up to 'GDPR day' in May 2018 we were privileged enough to work closely with the Essex Chambers of Commerce to deliver a series of briefings for local businesses in Essex on the GDPR and what they need to do to be ready.

These were hugely successful and resulted in us continuing the sessions into the latter half of 2018 and now into 2019. Our training programme has even been expanded to cover;

Breach & Incident handling
Every year we see more and more businesses announcing they have compromised Personal Data in some way. Morrisons, BA, TalkTalk and so on. Things going wrong can affect organisations of any size. Therefore, when Personal Data is lost, disclosed or stolen it can have serious impacts on your business, your staff and your customers. In this workshop, we run through what can possibly go wrong, what this means, and how to investigate and handle the incident in a calm and collected manner. We also run through the powers of the regulator, the Information Commissioner, and their approach to enforcement so you know what to expect if and when something goes wrong.

Brexit, International Data Transfers & Third Party Management
Alongside the Chamber's Brexit and International Trade support programme we put on a specific session on the impact of Brexit on businesses ability to get Personal Data in and out of the country. This also covered how to ensure your suppliers are where they need to be and how you can legally get data to other locations around the globe.

General Awareness
There is still a demand for a general awareness session on all things GDPR and Data Protection. These sessions take a whistle stop through both pieces of the law, bust some myths, and give you an overview of what to focus on to avoid GDPR biting you and your business. This session is good if you just want an overview or if you have specific members of staff that require a little more in-depth training than a standard online course. Our next session is on the 24th of April, to register please visit the Chambers Events website.

Marketing & Consent
Are you responsible for managing Data Protection or running marketing programmes? If so, this practical course is aimed at you! There are a number of myths out there around what the marketing rules are and what role Data Protection plays in them. The world of information law compliance can be complex and demanding, with simple accurate advice and quality support hard to come by. We will run through when consent is needed and when it isn't, what consent must be and how it can be managed, what 'direct marketing' is defined as and what further rules are coming down the line. Our next session is on the 18th of June, to register please visit the Chambers Events website.

Managing rights under Data Protection

Under Data Protection law, organisations are required to respond to and handle individuals requests to access or change their personal data. This could range from a member of staff asking to see all files on them through to a customer asking for the so-called ‘right to be forgotten’ and for you to delete all their data. In this practical workshop, we will go through what individual’s rights actually are under the GDPR and Data Protection Act 2018 and what steps you can take to manage them effectively. We’ll give you tips on how to spot and handle such requests, advice on what some of the problem areas are and how to avoid them and practical exercises on how to make requests more manageable within your organisation. Rights under Data Protection are one of the key areas of focus and enforcement for Government and regulators currently. Therefore, this is one of the key areas of Data Protection law to get right where you can. If you are responsible for compliance within your organisation, be that within customer services, legal or HR (to name but a few) this workshop is a good introduction and overview of what Data Protection rights are and how to manage them. Our next session is on the 10th of October, to register please visit the Chambers Events website.

You can check out the programme of events both on the events page of our website or you can visit the Essex Chambers events site.


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