One of the many reasons for setting up Lighthouse IG back in 2018 was wanting to counter the ‘nonsense’ market that was growing around data and Data Protection. I am very conscious of the fact lots of people did it and, putting the recent COVID challenges aside, it was definately the right decision.

There are a number of fantastic data related people out there, many of whom I have (or I will at some point) share geeky chats with over a gin or 2 as they share my passion for all things data and helping people with it.

I’ve also noticed, however, that there are a lot of snake oil sellers around and I still come across clients that have been sold down the river.

I’ve talked about imposter syndrome before, and that drives me to constantly have in the back of my mind that I do not want to be one ever sell someone down a river. When a client wants to come on board I want them to succeed, I want them to grow and develop that passion for their data and the effective handling of it that I do.

A mark of a data/information supplier (in my book at least) is their ability to see what their client wants, and admit when they are not the best for them and refer them on to someone who might be. We are all different, different backgrounds and key skills, and that skill to be able to put the client’s outcome before your own and pass them on to another that can help them achieve that outcome, is priceless.

I am always looking for ways to demonstrate our reliablity and knowledge, both driven by imposter syndrome and because it’s also an opportunity for me to grow and learn how others work and do what they do. I have done very little ‘marketing’ to date, instead relying on word of mouth and our work to speak for itself. This is something I want to continue and treasure however, as COVID lockdown has shown, some ‘promotion’ has its place too.

You can read more information on how we work with the environment in mind, how we handle client information and how we work with you on what you can expect from us as well as what we expect from you. We are also looking at ways we can join professional membership bodies to also show a commitment to ongoing development and accountability, however, for the moment you can see more of our previous experience and skills here.

When a colleague in the Cyber field told me of this new initiative he was getting involved in, it sounded rather quirky and clever. I’ve worked with Lee on a number of projects and have always found him to be honest, reliable and committed to giving some back to the local and/or professional community.

Therefore, after doing some reading and checking out what this new idea was all about I am proud to have joined ALLOWLIST, the online cyber security directory and get to be a member of THE LIST as a preferred supplier for cyber security and data protection. As part of the membership we have been vetted, our certifications and qualifications have been checked and we are ranked, rated and reviewed.

I am keen to see where this goes and with a little luck and commitment from all parties, I can see this being the next big thing in the Cyber and Data world helping drive up standards across the board.

Currently only SMEs are on the list, and I hope it stays that way for as long as possible. That’s not to to say the big firms don’t do stirling work, but to just say that there are a number of organisations that the big firms just aren’t suitable for. Local, tailored and more personal firms, in my humble opinion, are the way forward.

So keep an eye on this space. We’ll be publishing more of our feedback as time goes on either on our website or on the allowlist.