Is absolute GDPR compliance possible?

Lighthouse IG joined ALLOWLIST this year to be part of the due diligence checked, customer rated and customer reviewed preferred supplier list. We see value in being a part of something that held companies to account, increased the speed to find and on board suppliers and gave the end customer some level of trust in that selection.

Offering our products of GDPR Compliance and Data Protection Officer as a Service strengthened our clients protection around data protection and associated laws. We are also well placed to offer our unique offering on Information and Records Management, a particular niche and specialism of ours.

Being on the LIST of trusted GDPR suppliers has given us access to markets and opportunities in GDPR. It was a pleasure to contribute articles on GDPR and our article Is absolute GDPR compliance possible? allowed us to explore the themes around what GDPR compliance actually means and the ways that it can be achieved. The full article can be read here

We conclude that if you want to set yourself apart, and really make the most of the ‘digital data age’, then GDPR Compliance can either just be a piece of law, or you can use the principles of Data Protection as a way of working, a way of collaborating, a way of expanding and building a trusted, reliable service for staff and customers alike.

ALLOWLIST is a great resource to find trusted solutions across a range of needs from GDPR to pen testing – they can be found at: