Hi, I'm Scott Sammons 
Founder of Lighthouse IG Ltd and experienced Information Governance Practitioner

You could call me a bit of an information geek and welcome to Lighthouse IG! Below is a summary of what Lighthouse IG is all about, my experience and skills to date and how we operate to deliver the best value services to you and the world we live in.

I have worked with the governance and management of information for a number of years across various sectors and have a passion for ensuring information is protected while at the same time helping you achieve your goals! Throughout our time together, you will develop the tools, skills and confidence to take action.

My way of supporting you is to support you in becoming the information confident organisation you want to be. You are unique and so your support and governance framework should be too. I don’t follow a template, or ‘one size fits all’.

Therefore, we start by assessing your current business situation and we work towards your goals. If you want a business that has information which generates your business income while also positively contributing to your other aims and objectives, then you have arrived at the right place!

Whether you have an existing improvement programme underway or an idea that you want to see through to fruition get in touch!

Scott Sammons FIIM, AMIRMS, CertNLP

(P.S. take a look at the video interview with me below for an insight into how we can help you!)

Our Green Ethic

We are a 21st Century operation therefore believe that we can help protect the environment and ensure our carbon footprint is either non-existent or neutral. Therefore we have the following things in place to help keep Lighthouse IG green. We are always looking for more ways to reduce our carbon footprint further so for any suggestions that you might have that work please do get in touch!

We use Cloud-Tree Ltd for our IT hosting and Maintenance. They are a UK based local company that is run entirely on renewable energy and shares our commitment to green ways of working. You can find out more information on them at www.cloud-tree.co.uk.

Our registered office is London but our 'working office' is based in Essex where we take full advantage of Chelmsford City Council's recycling and green waste programme. Any materials used for the benefit of Lighthouse IG are recycled accordingly, paper copies of documents are avoided where we can and any copies are securely destroyed or recylced if we can. The Essex Office has recently been refreshed to include energy efficient light bulbs and other energy saving measures.

Where we can we prefer to work remotely with our clients using the various tools available via Office 365. However, where this is just not possible or practical then we will always seek to travel via the most efficient and cost effective route possible favouring public transport. Car travel for business purposes is avoided as much as possible but may be unavoidable based on where you are based however the vehicles we use are modern and energy efficient.

As a service provider ourselves we promote the green way of working to our clients where we can. However we we have the most influence is over our suppliers. As with our IT suppliers, we may it a preference that our suppliers outline their green policies and procedures to ensure they relate to our own.

Our Work & Data Ethic

How we work and how we manage information and records is a key part of who we are. As part of our service we promis the following;

As a 'critical friend' we will be open and honest with you about all aspects of your service and advice from us. Where something is wrong we will outline what it is an why and if something cannot be done or is delayed for whatever reason we will be honest with you about what is going on and the reasons why. In the same way, we also expect you to be honest with us where you can about what you require and anything we may ask of you in order to support your organisation and staff.

Where we provide advice, support or training we will always reference why we are recommending something and how this is based in either law, best practice or our own experience. Any information provided to us we will verify back to you to ensure that we are both on the same page and both have accurate records of what we have achieved together.

We accept that nobody is perfect, not even information governance professionals. Therefore when something isn't quite right we will take responsiblity for that and look to correct the matter as best we can. We have a long tradition of taking ownership of any 'failures' as we believe that a failure is one of the greatest teachers and helps us to learn and expand.

We will always treat you, your staff and any of your customers with care. This includes their information and records. Where we come into your organisations we will follow your rules and aim to live up to the standards you outline. Where your staff or your data is within our care we will follow these standards as well as our own to ensure you have confidence and trust in our service. Details of how we handle Personal Data and records can be found on our Information Handling pages.

Sound like a fit?

Do we sound like we could really help you and fit well with how your organisation works? If so, get in touch! We'd love to hear from you.