This is how I work with you:

Here you can find the terms of business that Lighthouse IG Ltd commit to and some of the commitments I expect from those I support and want to work with.

Lighthouse IG is a limited company registered in England & Wales as ‘Lighthouse IG Limited’ with company number 12289984. The registered address is with my  accountants at Lime House, 75 Church Road, Tiptree, Essex CO5 0HB. The company is wholly owned by me, Scott Sammons

Lighthouse IG Ltd is registered for VAT under reference number 389 2166 58.

Lighthouse IG Ltd has full Public Liability and Professional Indemnity insurance, details of which can be provided upon request.

Lighthouse IG is registered with the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) under reference ZA360523.

My knowledge and ability to share that knowledge is at the core of who Lighthouse IG is and what this business is about. I take pride in ensuring that the advice I provide you is measured and informed so that you can get the best answer to your question, including being honest where I do not know the answer and can either help find it out or learn about it with you. At all times I will endeavour to ensure that;

  • Advice is clear, concise, honest and relevant
  • Documentation is tailored for its audience
  • Trust is earned and maintained
  • Work is completed to the best quality

I don’t, however, claim to be perfect. To this end I will always seek feedback from my clients and indeed the wider profession. I firmly believe that we are all continually growing and to help ensure I keep up my knowledge and usefulness the feedback I receive (which you provide) will be invaluable.

Please see below about how you can give feedback at any time. 

I firmly believe in working in a safe and secure environment. Where I am working ‘on premises’ I commit to, as part of our agreement terms, following your health and safety standards and practices. I am currently working on my own certifications as a Fire Marshal, First Aider and Mental Health First Aider. 

Covid-19: With regards to working in a ‘covid secure’ environment I will outline in our proposal and terms of service how we expect the service to be delivered. Where possible, this will be ‘remote’ therefore reducing the need to be ‘on site’. However, where agreed necessary, any onsite visits will be conducted in accordance with your Covid-19 practices. Additionally, we have available face masks, hand sanitiser and other controls to support face-to-face working. 

In order for me to support any client we will need to know certain things and will ask probing questions where appropriate. It is likely therefore that we will be exposed to information that wouldn’t normally be in the public domain.

Client trust and confidentiality is therefore of key importance in how we work with and support you. All reasonable steps will be taken to ensuring that anything you provide to us is kept confidential. Once a matter is resolved, we will mutually agree what information and records will be kept with you and which ones must remain with me so that we keep as little of your confidential information as we possibly can.

You can find details of what personal data is collected and used by us on our information handling page

My approach:

I setup Lighthouse IG to be a 21st Century operation therefore I believe it that can help protect the environment and ensure that its carbon footprint is either non-existent or ‘neutral’. Therefore, I have put the following things in place to help keep Lighthouse IG green. I am always looking for more ways to reduce its carbon footprint further (as well as my own), so for any suggestions that you might have (that work) please do get in touch!

Use of ‘green technology’:

I use Cloud-Tree Ltd for my IT hosting and Maintenance. They are a UK based local company that is run entirely on renewable energy and shares our commitment to green ways of working. You can find out more information on them at

Energy use, paper and recycling:

The registered office for Lighthouse IG is in Tiptree, but my ‘working office’ is based in Chelmsford where I take full advantage of Chelmsford City Council’s recycling and green waste programme. Any materials used for the benefit of Lighthouse IG are recycled accordingly, paper copies of documents are avoided where I can and any copies are securely destroyed or recycled if I can. The Essex Office has recently been refreshed to include energy efficient light bulbs and other energy saving measures.

Travel and vehicles:

Where I can, I prefer to work remotely with my clients using the various tools available via Microsoft 365 and others. However, where this is just not possible or practical, then I will always seek to travel via the most efficient and cost effective route possible favouring public transport. Car travel for business purposes is avoided as much as possible but may be unavoidable based on where you are based however the vehicles we use are modern and energy efficient. I am looking into options for switching the vehicle I use to electric or fully hybrid (a work in progress project). 

Food standards:

The food we eat is a key part to supporting the environment. To this end, fish is off the menu for any and all Lighthouse IG events and vegetable and/or plant based alternatives are sought wherever possible. 

For more information on how you can use food to help the environment, check out this guidance from Greenpeace. 

Working with others:

Where I can I look to work with partners that share my ‘green’ approach. Where this is not possible, I look to educate and influence where I can.

I will not tolerate any forms of modern slavery and exploitation of people’s time and capacity to do work. Any and all work completed for Lighthouse IG will be fair and remunerated at a mutually agreed rate. My suppliers have also signed such a commitment to ensure that in no part of our supply chain a human being is exploited. 

I am just 1 man so I cannot guarantee it, however, but I do what I can and action anything that is highlighted accordingly. 

Want to learn more? Why not check out the Modern Slavery Helpline website for advice and guidance on how your organisation can help remove modern day slavery. 

As a self employed freelancer, I expect and appreciate a degree of financial promptness and respect.

Holding deposits: When we have agreed a piece of work, depending on the value, I may issue a 25% deposit paid up front.

Payment Terms: Whether it be this or another piece of work I will outline payment terms (usually payment is 30 days from date of invoice) and I can resolve any queries. I do, however, expect and appreciate those payment terms to be honoured and expect to be updated with any issues.

Non-Payment: Non-compliance with payment terms may result in me taking further action, terminating a contract in place or reconsidering any future working relationship.

Paying you: Where I owe you money, I will honour any terms mutually agreed and highlight any issues as quickly as possible. 

Corporation Tax: Lighthouse IG Ltd is registered in England and Wales and subject to the Tax requirements of both nations accordingly. I do not engage in any tax ‘avoidance’ or ‘efficiency’ schemes and my accounts are checked and managed by Thompson Reid, a reputable accounting firm.  

VAT: Lighthouse IG is registered for VAT from the 1st October 2021 under reference 389 2166 58. 

Here you can find the various things you need be aware of when using this website, downloading content and clicking through to third party content and sites.

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You can find details of what personal data is collected through the website and information on cookies on our information handling page

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We accept no liability for virus contamination of your systems as a result of using this site.

Where training is being delivered, unless agreed separately if less than 6 people show up, I reserve the right to cancel the training and invoice for at least half the amount of the original cost.

If I am due to come on site and you need to cancel or delay for whatever reason, please let me know with at least 24 hours’ notice. If I am informed with less than 24 hours’ notice, I reserve the right to issue a charge.

If I am due to come on site and I need to cancel or delay for whatever reason, unless negotiated separately, at least 24 hours’ notice will be given and no charge for my time will be issued (at least for cancellations).

These terms to not change anything directly agreed with a client in our service terms. 

The key to building a lasting and trustful relationship is communication. If there is ever a problem that has come up, I encourage  clients and partners to speak openly and up front about it with me. No problem is too big or too complex that we cannot agree a resolution in whatever shape that may take.

I will always do what I can to keep in touch and see how you are getting on but if you haven’t heard from me in a while do always feel free to say hi and offer a gin. If I’ve not been in touch, I may need one! You can reach me via;

  • @IGLighthouse on Twitter
  • Contact me page on this website

And of course, if you want to donate a cheque for £1million for no reason at all then you are very welcome. I may even buy you a gin (or 2)!