AIIM Webinar – How to Avoid Being a Headline Story— Building a Data Security Action Plan

Date 2018-10-04-2018-10-04

Cybersecurity is at the top of just about every C-level “what keeps me up at night” list. Consider this Top 10 worry list from TechRepublic:
2.Getting breached and the media catching it first
4.Consumers taking tech breaks
5.Protecting themselves and critical vendors
6.Having a false sense of security
7.The team’s well-being
8.Large-scale data breaches
9.Employees’ lack of cybersecurity skills
10.Security issues with IoT and BYOD

Unstructured information — content in all of its forms — represents a particularly tough challenge when it comes to data security and privacy:

• Only 40% of organizations have automated processes to ensure deletion of personal information from email, SharePoint, and shared drives
• Information privacy lacks a dedicated focus point of accountability in 64% of organizations
• 48% of organizations describe the maturity level of their companies’ information governance policies as “poor” or “extremely poor”
• Only 30% of organizations say they are fully compliant with GDPR

In this Virtual Event, we’ve gathered professionals to share their stories of working to ensure data privacy and information security in order to comply with new obligations like the GDPR. Supported by recent AIIM research, we’ll explore:

• How organizations view the emerging challenges tied to information privacy and security, and whom have they charged with this task
• Where are organizations in their data privacy/security journey; how improving records management practices is having an impact; and how are they assessing their progress in meeting core regulatory requirements, such as GDPR
• What kinds of special pain points does unstructured information (i.e. content) raise when examined from a data privacy perspective
• The core IIM technologies organizations see as critical to their efforts: ERM, automated recognition & extraction, BPM, cloud content management, records management, and others

Join AIIM and a dozen industry leading professionals as they share their experiences, best practices, and ideas on how you can address these same business-critical challenges.

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