I want to hear from you

I firmly believe in the power of word of mouth and allowing our work to speak for itself. I am therefore always on the lookout for feedback on either how I can improve what I do or indeed how what I do has really helped you.
In this area of the website, you have 2 ways of providing feedback. First, is how you can provide a testimonial for me to use and share with other clients and potential clients.
Second, is how you can provide feedback on areas I need to improve or an area that requires immediate attention. While I would encourage you to contact your service contact in the first instance, you can also use the page below to let me know of anything that needs action.

Providing a testimonial

Providing a testimonial direct to us:

Providing a testimonial to Allowlist:

We are also listed on the trusted supplier list at Allowlist. You can click on the icon to the left and provide a brief rating of 3 of our services (GDPR Compliance, DPO as a Service and Information & Records Management). 

If you are able to give us a review on there it is very much appreciated. 

Providing a testimonial on LinkedIn:

If you’ve not worked with me at Lighthouse IG, but have worked with me elsewhere, a recommendation on LinkedIn is always welcome. Simply navigate down to the bottom of my profile  and give a recommendation. 

If you are able to give me a personal testimonial on there it is very much appreciated. 

Issues that require attention

If you haven’t already brought something to my attention then you can either contact me directly with the details you have, or if you are not already a customer, please complete the form below and I’ll action as quickly as I can.