We have a range of services to support your challenges with managing Data Protection effectively. Please see below for some examples of the things we offer.

Employee Training or Workshops:

Based on your needs we can work with you to deliver training courses on a wide range of topics, both electronically and face to face. With our years of experience and training, we will work with you to agree on the learning outcomes and style to ensure your trainees get the most out of the session. As a sample, we can deliver training on the following;

Data Protection Law (Including the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR))
- Practical application of Data Protection law
- GDPR & the rules on Marketing
- Complaint & Breach Management
- Practical skills for a Data Protection Officer
- CCTV & Surveillance
- Data Protection & Employment

GDPR Implementation Support:

As someone with experience working with the GDPR and see what it means practically,  I can support you your implementation of GDPR regardless of its current status.

This could include any of the following which I can work with you to tailor to meet your need;
- Current status audit & proposed implementation plan
- Policy & procedure creation or review
- Privacy notice review and creation
- Information mapping support & review
- Implementation of Information Risk frameworks
- Implementation and training of your Data Protection Officer role (if the role is to be in-house)
- Privacy Impact Assessment implementation or reviews for various initiatives
- Ongoing advice and guidance to support your project

One-off matters (Non-DPO):

As an experienced Information Governance professional if you are looking for individual pieces of work to support a project or initiative I can work with you to scope out what that support and work might look like.

This could include (as some recent examples);
- Completion of the Data Protection (Privacy) Impact Assessment and ongoing support in the implementation of the recommendations
- Acting as the subject lead on your project for any and all queries that may arise
- Training for key roles on the issues affecting the area/matter your project is looking to work within
- Workshop facilitation to determine appropriate steps and actions needed to ensure personal data is handled correctly

Audits & Reviews:

Depending on your sector we can tailor review/audit to look at your information handling practices to look at both any information law requirements you may have on you and what practices (good and bad) are going on within your organisation that may affect your information health.

This includes (as some recent examples);
- Data Protection compliance audit (GDPR & DPA) as part of a benchmark of progress for the implementation programme
- General information security audit of physical, technical and soft controls
- Review of information rights procedures and standards to highlight areas of good practice and areas of improvement

Can we help you?

We would be happy to discuss your needs and offer you a free, no-obligation quote on how we can work with you.