Below each subject heading are various publicly available resources. Some content is produced by Lighthouse IG and some belong to third parties (for example, the Information Commissioner's Office). Please, therefore, be aware that some links will take you to other websites.

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Our guidance:

What are the core Data Management Principles? (coming soon)

Data Management Association (DAMA UK)

Our Guidance:

Brexit & sending Personal Data to and from the EU

Article 30 Records of Processing Activities

Privacy Notices

Breach Notification

Data Protection Officers

Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAS) (Coming Soon)

Grounds for Processing (coming soon)

Exemptions Guidance

Part 3 - Law Enforcement Processing (coming soon)


Information Commissioner Guidance:

GDPR: 12 steps to take now

ICO: The General Data Protection Guide

Guide to the Data Protection Act 2018 (DPA)



Isle of Man Data Protection Commissioner:

Main site

Data Protection Legislation

Direct Marketing Guidance


Our Guidance:

Managing Marketing Consents

Information Commissioner Guidance:

ePrivacy Regulation (PECR)

Our guidance:

Coming Soon

Regulator Guidance:

Guide to EIR

Our guidance:

What is records management? (Coming soon)

How to build a retention schedule (Coming soon)

Regulator guidance:

Records Management Checklist

Records Management Code of Practice (FOIA2000)

Other sources:

Information & Records Management Society (IRMS)