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What I can do for you...

Compliance with information related legislation and frameworks:

Give you some assurance

Either as an assessment or full audit I can benchmark you against Data Protection, Freedom of Information or other Information Governance related requirements.

Help you with the basics

I offer a range of starter policies, procedures and other templates. I don't like just dumping a template policy into an organisation therefore either with our help, or yourselves, they come with areas to edit and tailor to your specific organisation.

Support as an outsourced subject matter expert:

Be your DPO

Via my Data Protection Officer service I can act as your DPO remotely taking on all the tasks of the DPO for your organisation. I do some things for you, and you do some things for me - I want it to very much be a partnership!

Provide knowledge and insights

As an information specialist I can work with you on specific matters, projects or initiatives to help you progress and share the knowledge needed to help you grow. From an 'outsourced service' through to a specific piece of work I can help you navigate your data requirements.

Training for staff of all levels:

Educate you to obtain new skills

Through our approach to knowledge and learning I can support your colleagues in learning new skills or understanding of various aspects of information handling. All tailored to your needs and specific learning outcomes.

Motivate colleagues

Sometimes a few choice words in the right places, or support with a piece of comms or event, can be just enough to change minds and motivate colleagues. Therefore I can be a speaker on any of the below topics for your event.

Ask me about...

Information Governance

There are various pressures on your information. I can help you coordinate that into one main sustainable and sensible Information Governance framework.

Data Security & Protection Toolkit

If you are subject to the requirements of the DSPT I can support you in your annual submission and work to demonstrate compliance.

Information Risk

Information - it's a risky business. There are no absolutes. The key, is to manage the risk. I can help you spot, assess and manage risks to your information. From your Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO) through to an Information Asset Owner I can help you manage information risks.

GDPR & Data Protection

GDPR doesn't have to be scary. I can support you with any aspect of GDPR from acting as a remote DPO through to one off bits of advice. DPIAs through to culture change.

Information & Records Management

Information is key to running your organisation. But if you don't take care of it, you can't rely on it. Using practical experience and skills I can pass on skills for managing information and help you use your information to improve how you operate.

Data Quality & Data Management

"Data, Data, Data. I cannot make bricks without clay". You rely on data to make operational decisions every day. Can you rely on that data? Does it take a while to collate and gives more questions than answers? I can show you practical tips for taking care of your data and utilising its insights.

Some of the partners I work with to help you:

One of my strengths is that I know my limits. Therefore, to support your needs, I may work with or refer you to some trusted partners I work with and are happy to recommend to you. I will discuss any referral with you first, however, you can check out some of my partners here. 

YorCyberSec Ltd is my preferred partner for all things Cyber Security, penetration testing and PCI DSS compliance. Check them out at www.yorcybersec.co.uk.

Cortida Ltd is my preferred partner for all things ISO27001 implementation and ongoing assessment. Check them out at www.cortida.com.

Act Now Training Ltd is my preferred partner for Data Protection Practitioner formal qualifications. As an Associate Trainer for Act Now myself, I can refer you directly or discuss options for delivery of the practitioner course for your team. Check them out at www.actnow.org.uk.

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Informu Solutions Ltd is my preferred partner for Information Asset Management software and services. Check them out at www.informu-solutions.com.

Screenshot 2019-10-02 at 15.21.21

Cloudtree Ltd is my preferred partner for technical, device and mobile infrastructure. Check them out at www.cloud-tree.co.uk.

Some of my awesome clients

As you can imagine I like to keep the names of our clients fairly confidential (for the website at least). Before I start working with you I will share details of my clients, testimonials and case studies to help inform your decision on who to support you (with their permission of course)!

A large General Practice Social Enterprise:

As a large complex organisation with a number of practices to manage I was delighted to work with them on their GDPR implementation and general Information Governance practices. 

A Financial Tech Company:

As a relatively young company I was fortunate enough to help them develop and embed good data protection and data governance requirements from the beginning of their journey.

A large district Council:

Working with this council I was able to deliver an innovative, informative and comprehensive training programme for all staff on GDPR. Training over 500 employees at various levels.

A multinational pharmaceutical testing firm:

It was a pleasure to work with this organisation to provide in house operational support for 4 months supporting projects, recruitment for a permanent post and general day to day operations.

A Mental & Physical Health Community Charity:

Working with this charity we have supported their implementation of GDPR, remote working and Microsoft 365.

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