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Starter kits to help you on your way...

Handling information and data is more than just policies, procedures and forms. Having said that, however, they do have their place and, if done correctly, can be an asset to your organisation rather than just a ‘piece of paper’ collecting dust in the corner.

My approach to our templates is simple. They have to be;

  • Simple
  • Clear
  • Helpful
  • Relevant

Below is an overview of the different elements of the basics starter kits. You can either buy them seperately or all together.

Get in touch via the details at the very bottom of the page to discuss costs and what you’d like to purchase!


I can provide template policies on things like;

  • Data Protection
  • Information Governance
  • Information Sharing
  • Information Security
  • Information Risk
  • Information & Records Management


I can provide template procedures on the handling of;

  • Data Protection (SAR or other) requests (also see below)
  • FOI/EIR requests
  • Complaint handling
  • Incident & Breach Investigation (also see below)
  • Data Protection Impact Assessments (also see below)
  • Data Sharing requests

Data Protection Impact Assessment

While I can’t give you template answers (obviously) I can give you a tried and tested template DPIA form for your use to edit to your own branding etc. It comes with the following;

  • DPIA template form (word)
  • DPIA guidance document (word)
  • DPIA template risk assessment register (excel)

Privacy Notice (Digital or Analogue)

If you want me to complete your privacy notices, check out our consultancy page, otherwise if you are after just a template of the sort of content and layout that works for a simple structure and purpose then this template will work for you. We have 2 templates to pick from: 

  • 1 page ‘flat’ notice for ‘simple’ processing
  • multi-page ‘layered’ notice for ‘complex’ processing

Rights Handling Procedures

Each of your requests will be different, however many aspects will be the same. Especially around how you structure your responses and outlines of an exemptions.  Each exemption has template wording with highlighted areas of where you need to consider certain aspects before using that exemption. I recommend this template comes with training as rights requests can get complicated fairly quickly.

Incident Investigation

In order to ensure each incident is investigated appropriately you’ll need to ensure a consistent and structured approach. These templates include;

  • Reporting form
  • Outcome form
  • Breach notification assessment
  • Notification templates (ICO & Data Subject)
  • Reporting templates


Key Role Profiles

There are a number of key roles in supporting the organisation in how it handles data and information. We have template role profiles for;
  • Data Protection Officer (DPO)
  • Data Protection Role (non-DPO)
  • Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO)
  • Information Champion
  • Information Asset Owner
  • Records Manager
  • Record Owner


Everyone has a stake in how information is managed and utilised in your organisation. Therefore, it’s key to ensure everyone agrees on how it should be managed. We have a template terms of reference and ideal roles for;

  • An ‘information’ related working group
  • An ‘information’ related Governance Board/Committee

Just the 1

1 template of your choice
£ 59
One off payment
  • 1 Template of your Choice
  • 1 year support for any techical fixes
  • 1 year subscription for any updates

The complete packagc

All of the above plus a little extra
£ 259
One off payment
  • Policy, Procedures, DPIA, Privacy Notice, Incident, Rights, Roles & Governance Templates
  • 1 year support for any technical fixes
  • 1 year subscription for any updates
  • 10% discount on any Lighthouse training course

Bundle of 3

Up to 3 templates of your choice
£ 159
One off payment
  • 5 templates of your choice
  • 1 year support for any technical fixes
  • 1 year subscription for any updates

Have you also considered...

While starter kits our good (even if we do say so ourselves) would you also benefit from support on how to implement and use them effectively? Here are just some of the ways in which we can help you get even further on your journey.


We can deliver training on how to implement and use these templates either remotely or in-house to suit your needs. Check out our training page for more details…


Either as your Data Protection Officer (DPO) or other outside advice support partner we can support you with these and any ongoing needs and matters that arise. Check out our support page for more information…


Are you sure that is the template you are looking for? Can we come in and take a look at what your specific needs might be and make a more tailored recommendation so you only action what you need to? Check out our assessments page for more details…

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