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We will discuss with you the background, concerns, priorities and get to know you before we starting working on the matter at hand.

Clearly defined outcomes

We will work with you to agree outcomes based on the following principles;

  1. Stated in positive terms.
  2. Initiated and maintained by client.
  3. Specific sensory-based description of outcome and the steps needed to get there.
  4. Ecological.
  5. More than one way to get the outcome.
  6. First step is specified and achievable.
  7. Does it increase choice?

Mutually agreed approach

We won't start work on anything without your understanding and agreement. This is your business, your journey and your concerns - so it's all about you!

Some of our wonderful clients

A large General Practice Social Enterprise:

As a large complex organisation with a number of practices to manage we were delighted to work with them on their GDPR implementation and general Informaton Governance practices. 

A Financial Tech Company:

As a relatively young company we were fortunate enough to help them develop and embed good data protection and data governance requirements from the beginning of their journey.

A large district Council:

Working with this council we were able to deliver a innovative, informative and comprehensive training programme for all staff on GDPR. Training over 500 employees at various levels.

A multinational pharmaceutical testing firm:

It was a pleasure to work with this organisation to provide in house operational support for 4 months supporting projects, recruitment for a permanent post and general day to day operations.

A Mental & Physical Health Community Charity:

Working with this charity we have supported their implementation of GDPR, remote working and Microsoft 365.

Managing Information Governance requirements

Our framework and approach

Third Parties

How are third parties managed? Are standard contractual terms in place? How are information requests handled and information exchanged between organistations fairly, lawfully and securely?


Policies, procedures, roles and key governance processes to oversee and support the framework.


Audit, assessments, checklists and documentation needed to demonstrate accountablity.


How are records managed from creation to use and destruction/archive. Is records and information management embedded into the organisation.


From identification, assessment, mitigation and acceptance we look at the lifecycle of information related risk.


Procedures and templates for managing information requests. This also includes issues hampering request handling and best practice.


What controls are in place around Cyber Security and wider information security? Do these 'talk' to each other? Is Cyber Security / Technical Security part of the Information Governance framework?


Do staff fear information or data? Do they know who to speak to? Can they answer basic questions or is information care still way down the priority list?

What our clients say

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