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Welcome to the Lighthouse IG Library – a free collection of useful resources for all things to do with Information and Data. If you find a resource useful that isn’t in this list, please do let me know and I’ll take a look! You can learn about updates to the library via subscribing to our newsletter and updates from the Lighthouse insights blog.

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Knowledge Library:

Below is a range of resources we find useful in the world of Information, Records and Data Management. Click each heading to access the link. Recommend a useful resource? Let us know!

Our guidance:

*coming soon*

Supervisory Authority Guidance:

*coming soon*

*Coming soon*

Our guidance:

What are the core Data Management Principles? (coming soon)

Data Management Association (DAMA UK)

Our Guidance:

Managing Marketing Consents (UK)

5 top tips for PECR

Supervisory Authority Guidance:

Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (UK)

ePrivacy Regulation (draft) (EU)

Unsolicited Communications Regulations (Isle of Man)

Our guidance:

Coming Soon

Supervisory Authority Guidance:

Guide to EIR (England & Wales)

Guide to EIR (Scotland)

Our guidance:

What is records management? (Coming soon)

How to build a retention schedule (Coming soon)

Regulator guidance:

Records Management Checklist

Records Management Code of Practice (FOIA2000)

Other sources:

Information & Records Management Society (IRMS)

Webinar recordings:

Below is a range of webinars we have either attended or put on ourselves for your reference. Have we missed one? Let us know!