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Welcome to the Lighthouse IG Library – a free collection of useful resources for all things to do with Information and Data. If you find a resource useful that isn’t in this list, please do let me know and I’ll take a look! You can learn about updates to the library via subscribing to our newsletter and updates from the Lighthouse insights blog.

Recent insights from the blog:

Training partnership with CILIP

I am very pleased to announce that we have signed an agreement with CILIP to provide specific Data Protection & Information Governance related training courses for their members.  Our first session will be in October…

Is absolute GDPR compliance possible?

Is absolute GDPR compliance possible? Lighthouse IG joined ALLOWLIST this year to be part of the due diligence checked, customer rated and customer reviewed preferred supplier list. We see value in being a part of…

Knowledge Library:

Below is a range of resources we find useful in the world of Information, Records and Data Management. Click each heading to access the link. Recommend a useful resource? Let us know!

Our guidance:

*coming soon*

Supervisory Authority Guidance:

*coming soon*

*Coming soon*

Our guidance:

What are the core Data Management Principles? (coming soon)

Data Management Association (DAMA UK)

Our Guidance:

Managing Marketing Consents (UK)

Supervisory Authority Guidance:

Privacy and Electronic Communication Regulations (UK)

ePrivacy Regulation (draft) (EU)

Unsolicited Communications Regulations (Isle of Man)

Our guidance:

Coming Soon

Supervisory Authority Guidance:

Guide to EIR (England & Wales)

Guide to EIR (Scotland)

Our guidance:

What is records management? (Coming soon)

How to build a retention schedule (Coming soon)

Regulator guidance:

Records Management Checklist

Records Management Code of Practice (FOIA2000)

Other sources:

Information & Records Management Society (IRMS)

Webinar recordings:

Below is a range of webinars we have either attended or put on ourselves for your reference. Have we missed one? Let us know!