Data Protection Officer as a Service

Named Data Protection Officer

We will act as your named Data Protection Officer in order to support both internal and external queries.

Support on breach reporting & investigation

We will provide guidance and support should any breaches occur, including liaision with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO)

Support for projects, initiatives and general personal data handling

We will provide subject matter knowledge to support your projects and initiatives either through DPIAs or ad-hoc queries.

What the Data Protection Officer Service can offer:

Under the below headings we have outlined the various elements of the DPO service consists of. Each element starts from an established framework and can be tailored to meet your specific needs.

As part of the service we will provide you with template policies and procedures that should be implemented as part of the terms of the service. We will run through all of the terms and service levels with you before we look to agree and start working with you.

Get in touch below for a more tailored quotation based on your needs and how the DPO role can best benefit your organisation.

We can;

– act as the named Data Protection Officer for your organisation

– respond to queries from the ICO, staff or your customers with regards to Data Protection

– attend any key management meetings to provide an update/report on Data Protection compliance

    We can;

    – provide you with a report (annually) on the current status of your Data Protection framework

    – support you with annual reviews of the framework

    – report quarterly on the number of DPIAs, incidents, breaches, complaints etc

      We can;

      – Provide advice and guidance to staff on general queries within an agreed timeframe

      – Act as the Data Protection Officer for reviews of Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs)

      – Provide basic advice and guidance on any projects and initiatives (larger projects will require seperate hours and rates)

      – Support the organisation with raising awarness and culture change with advice and guidance on content and key messages to promote

      We can;

      – Act as the DPO for any incidents requiring DPO review and analysis

      – Provide you with an assessment of actions needed for any incident, including advice on reporting any breaches to the ICO

      – Acting as the point of contact for the ICO where agreed

      – Providing key leadership figures with any updates and advice/guidance on any breaches

      We can;

      – Support your staff in the collating and handling of any rights requests

      – Advise on appropriate exemptions, their practical application and other steps needed to sucessfully handle the request

      – Act as the complaints officer for any complaints made about rights requests

      We can;

      – handle any complaints made about how the organisation handles personal data

      – handle any complaints made about how the organisation handles rights requests

      – handle any complaints made to the Information Commissioner about the above

      Some of our clients

      We have a number of clients where we have either acted as the DPO role or a Data Protection specialist supporting their internal staff or data protection functions. Check out a below sample of some of our previous experience.

      A sexual health charity:

      As a medium sized sexual health charity we were on hand to support their internal teams as a specialist while they implemented GDPR and grew their Data Protection and wider information governance capacity. 

      A Financial Tech Company:

      As a relatively young company we were on hand as their Data Protection specialists to provide advice and guidance on a range of Data Protection related matters while they we being established and growing the business.

      A County Council:

      Supporting the Data Protection function as an IG specialist we were tasked with providing advice and support on complex SARs, breaches and complaints.

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