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Experienced and Recommended

I have experience speaking to large and small audiences, experienced practitioners through to those with little knowledge of IG.

Interactive & engaging

Through my training in NLP any speaking engagement is designed to be though provoking, engaging and interactive where practical.

Online or in classroom

In recent times I have been to deliver speaking engagements online as well as previous experience with 'in person' events.

My previous speaking engagements

Local Government Association Conference: Pensions in a Digital Era

Our talk was on the power of Information Audits to not only help with GDPR compliance, but also efficiencies in pensions processes and greater transparency. To find out more click here

IRMS Conference 2016: The role of the Data Guardians

Our talk was on the role of a Data Guardian, the key skills needed and how the role works within wider IG. To find out more click here

South West Information Compliance Group: Handling SARs

With an audience of IG practitioners we led a talk on the practicalities of handling SARs. The things to consider, the processes, stories of previous battles and things to watch out for. To find out more click here

CAPITA Conferences: Multi-agency information sharing

As the event host we chaired all the sessions of the day, Posing questions to warm the audience up for each speaker, facilitating discussion and ensuring the event ran smoothly. To find out more click here

A message that's only as good as the delivery

  1. We believe in the power of positive language and practical discussions
  2. Presentations are punchy, powerful and put simply so the majority of the audience can relate to what we are discussing

  3. We engage with the audience where practical via questions, surveys, and seeking opinions

  4. Delivery can accomodate a range of learning formats
  5. Where IG is concerned, humour goes a long way to break down barriers to learning

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