In a recent survey by Experian, they showed that 95% of senior executives place value in data and are concerned about the accuracy of it as it can easily become unreliable due to technical and human-based factors. We can assist you in helping meet these challenges and ensuring that you can have more confidence in the data you collect and use. Please see below for some of the ways we can work with you.

Employee Training or Workshops:

Based on your needs we can work with you to deliver training courses on a wide range of topics, both electronically and face to face. With our years of experience and training, we will work with you to agree on the learning outcomes and style to ensure your trainees get the most out of the session. As a sample, we can deliver training on the following;

- Data Governance principles
- How to build a Data Governance framework
- Data lifecycle management
- Risks to Data Quality
- Data Quality reporting & Analytics

Advice & Guidance:

Using our knowledge and experience we can work with you on individual pieces of work to support a project or initiative. We will work with you to scope out what that support and work might look like.

This could include;
- Acting as the information & data SME for a project
- Advice on implementation of Office 365 and management of documents and files within the new environment
- Assistance in the creation and deployment of a data governance framework
- Assistance in the creation and deployment of data quality standards & reports

Audits & Reviews:

Depending on your sector we can tailor review/audit to look at your data governance practices to look at both any legal requirements you may have on you and what practices (good and bad) are going on within your organisation that may affect your data health.

This includes (as some recent examples);
- Reporting & Analytics review
- Review of current data quality controls and standards
- Data Governance audit

Can we help?

If you think we can work with you to improve your data quality please get in touch for a free, no-obligation chat.