Organisations collect and use personal data every single day however the awareness and understanding of the requirements to protect that data is mixed. This can be a large task to manage therefore we have a range of services to help you. Please see below for some examples of the things we can offer.

Employee Training or Workshops;

Based on your needs we can work with you to deliver training courses on a wide range of topics, both electronically and face to face. With our years of experience and training, we will work with you to agree on the learning outcomes and style to ensure your trainees get the most out of the session. As a sample, we can deliver training on the following;

- Data Protection Law, including the Data Protection Act 2018 and the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR)
- Handling information rights requests
- Managing breaches and security incidents
- How to complete a Privacy Impact Assessment
- Practical Data Protection skills
- Data Protection & Records management
- Data Protection & Employment

Advice & Guidance;

Using our knowledge and experience we can work with you on individual pieces of work to support a project or initiative. We will work with you to scope out what that support and work might look like.

This could include;
- Acting as the Data Protection SME for a project
- Advice on a specific Data Protection Impact Assessment / Privacy Impact Assessment
- Advice on a specific rights request, complaint or incident
- Advice and support on the creation and deployment of a Data Protection Compliance framework

Audits & Reviews;

Depending on your sector we can tailor review/audit to look at your Data Protection practices to look at both any information law requirements you may have on you and what practices (good and bad) are going on within your organisation that may affect your information health.

This includes (as some recent examples);
- Information handling review (collection, storage, use and sharing)
- General information security audit of physical, technical and soft controls
- Information Asset audit
- Review of retention schedule and deployment within the business

Can we help you?

If you like the look of how we can help you then get in touch for a chat about your needs and get a free, no-obligation quote on how we can work with you.