Information is everywhere and fear of losing it or mismanaging it can drive staff and organisations to distraction. Information Risk is the practice of determining what risks threaten your information and business and how you can manage them in a practical cost-effective way. Our practical, common sense, approach and experience will educate staff on how information risk fits into wider risk management and what things to focus on, and what not to!

Employee Training or Workshops:

Based on your needs we can work with you to deliver training courses on a wide range of practical aspects relating to information risk;

- Information Risk A-Z
- How to complete Privacy Impact Assessments
- How to do information audits

Advice & Guidance

Using our knowledge and experience we can work with you on individual pieces of work to support a project or initiative. We will work with you to scope out what that support and work might look like.

This could include;
- Acting as the information risk SME for a project
- Advice on implementation of an information risk framework
- Assistance in the creation and deployment of a Privacy Impact Assessment process
- Assistance in the creation and deployment of information asset management

Audits & Reviews

Depending on your sector we can tailor review/audit to look at your information risk practices to look at both any information law requirements you may have on you and what practices (good and bad) are going on within your organisation that may affect your information health.

This includes (as some recent examples);
- a full information risk review and workshop
- DPIA audit (follow up 1 year after completion)
- DPIA audit (mid-project audit to track delivery on actions)

Can we work with you?

Give us a call or drop us an email for a free discussion on your needs and how we might be able to help you.