Here you can find the terms of business that I commit to and some of the commitments I expect from those I support and want to work with.

My knowledge and ability to share that knowledge are at the core of who I am and what this business is about. I take pride in ensuring that the advice I provide you is measured and informed so that you can get the best answer to your question, including being honest where I do not know the answer and can either help find it out or learn about it with you. At all times I will endeavour to ensure that;

  • Advice is clear, concise, honest and relevant
  • Documentation is tailored for it's audience
  • Trust is earned and maintained
  • Work is completed to the best quality

To this end I will always seek feedback from my clients and indeed the wider profession. I firmly believe that we are all continually growing and to help ensure I keep up my knowledge and usefulness the feedback I receive will be invaluable.

In order for me to support any client I will need to know certain things and will ask probing questions where appropriate. It is likely therefore that I will be exposed to information that wouldn't normally be in the public domain. Client trust and confidentiality is therefore of key importance in how I work with and support you. All reasonable steps will be taken to ensuring that anything you provide me is kept confidential. Once a matter is resolved, we will mutually agree what information and records will be kept with you and which ones must remain with me so that I keep as little of your confidential information as I possibly can.

Ultimately I am a self-employed information geek, however I do have demands on my funds and time. When we have agreed a piece of work, depending on the value, I may issue a 25% deposit paid up front. Whether it be this or another piece of work I will outline payment terms and we can resolve any queries. I do however expect and appreciate those terms to be honoured however and expect to be updated with any issues.

I have cats to feed and we all know how demanding cats can get if their dinner is late. Your mutual respect in this area therefore, is greatly appreciated.

Where training is being delivered, unless agreed seperately if less than 6 people show up I reserve the right to cancel the training and invoice for at least half the amount of the original cost.

If I am due to come on site and you need to cancel or delay for whatever reason please let me know with at least 24 hours notice. If I am informed with less than 24 hours notice I reserve the right to issue a charge.

If I and due to come on site and I need to cancel or delay for whatever reason, unless negotiated separately,  at least 24 hours notice will be given and no charge for my time will be issued (at least for cancellations).

These terms to not change anything directly agreed with a client.

The key to building a lasting and trustful relationship is communication. If there is ever a problem that has come up I encourage my clients and partners to speak openly and up front about it with me. No problem is to big or too complex that we cannot agree a resolution in whatever shape that may take.

I will always do what I can to keep in touch and see how you are getting on but if you haven't heard from me in a while do always feel free to say hi and offer a gin. If I've not be in touch, I may need one! You can reach me on

  • email
  • facebook
  • twitter
  • mobile
  • skype

And of course if you want to donate a cheque for £1million for no reason at all then you are very welcome. I may even buy you a gin!